CME Credits

Attendees who have attended all the sessions satisfactorily will receive a certificate of attendance stating the number of CME credits they will receive based on their attendance record:

  • AI Workshops (27/8) – 2.50 credits
  • Full Program (28/8) – 7.25 credits
  • Speaker – 5 credits per session
      The credits are designated by the Continuing Medical Education (CCME), Thailand. Attendees can then present the certificate to their local accreditation body. It is entirely at the discretion of the local accreditation body to award the CME credits or not.
      If you cannot join the meeting while it is broadcast live, you can always watch it online by becoming an APTOS member. APTOS members can always review the recorded sessions in our members only portal. Yet, if you would like to get a certificate of attendance with CME credits, you must finish watching all the sessions by Sept 4, 2021. You will receive no certificate if you watch the sessions after Sept 4, 2021.
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